SONOFF SNZB-01P & SNZB-02P Review: SONOFF’s New Zigbee Devices


SONOFF, a well-known maker of smart home gadgets, just launched two fresh Zigbee tools: the SNZB-01P wireless switch and the SNZB-02P temperature and humidity sensor. These devices are upgrades from SONOFF’s earlier Zigbee products, bringing better features and enhancements. Let’s take a closer look at these products and get an overview of what they offer.

SONOFF SNZB-01P Wireless Switch.

The SONOFF SNZB-01P wireless switch is a flexible gadget that allows control over lights, fans, and appliances. It features a single sturdy click and includes a magnetic base for effortless attachment to metal surfaces.

SONOFF Smart switch SNZB-01P

Here’s what we get in the box:

  1. Stickers for the button.
  2. Metal base for attaching the button magnetically to a wall.
  3. Instruction manual.
  4. Mounting Screw.
  5. Double-sided tape.
  6. SONOFF SNZB-01P Smart Switch.
SONOFF SNZB-01P Specification

Pros of SNZB-01P:

  • Compact size and portability
  • 5-year long battery life.
  • ZigBee Support (Compatible with NSPanel Pro and iHost)
  • Sturdy build and a clicky button.


There aren’t as many cons for this but here I am nitpicking a few.

  • Finding the CR2477 battery can be challenging, particularly in local stores. In India, this specific battery is only accessible on a few websites and tends to be pricey.
  • As a single switch device, its control capabilities are limited, restricting the range of applications it can handle. Additionally, it caters to a very niche market due to its specialized nature and small-scale functionality.

SONOFF SNZB-02P Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

The SONOFF SNZB-02P temperature and humidity sensor is a great way to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your home. It is more accurate than the previous generation sensor and also has a longer battery life. The sensor can also be used to create smart scenes to control fans and humidifiers. The Major difference with this sensor compared to the SNZB-02D is the lack of display, smaller form factor and extended battery life.

Sonoff snzb-02p temperature and humidity module

What we get in the box:

  1. Double-Sided Tape.
  2. Metal base.
  3. Mounting screw.
  4. Temperature and Humidity Module.
  5. User Manual.
SONOFF SNZB-02P Specifications

Pros of SNZB-02P:

  • Smaller size and minimalist design.
  • Prolonged battery life of 4 years.
  • Higher Accuracy.


There aren’t any major cons just the lack of a display, so you have to rely on the webpage to check temperature and humidity.


The SONOFF SNZB-01P wireless switch and SNZB-02P temperature and humidity sensor are top-notch, simple-to-use gadgets. They work with various gateways like iHost, ZigBee 3.0 hub, NSPanel Pro and Alexa 4th Gen or above. I do recommend these affordable Zigbee devices to anyone in search of minimalistic smart gadgets.

As for the pricing the SNZB-01P goes for $9.90 and the SNZB=02P goes for $10.90.
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I hope this review article has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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