NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit

NASA perseverance mars rover kit by circuitmess and geekclub

Exploring space stands as one of humankind’s most thrilling and inspiring ventures. It offers us an opportunity to grasp the mysteries of the universe beyond our home planet and to unveil undiscovered worlds. Thanks to CircuitMess’ latest educational STEM kit, you can now actively engage in space exploration from the comfort of your home.

NASA, CircuitMess, and Geek Club have teamed up to create an educational STEM kit that lets you build your own Perseverance space rover! This kit is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about space exploration, coding, robotics, and engineering. Let’s see more about this amazing new kit by Circuitmess.

The Perseverance Rover Kit.

It is designed to be an educational journey into programming, electronics, robotics, and AI. The Kit comes with four motors, six wheels, a control system with an ESP32 processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Along with a sample collection arm based on the real thing with two servo motors. Controllable with a wireless remote and support for programming in Python or a scratch-inspired drag-and-drop visual coding environment.

Perseverance Space Rover Kit

Along with the Percivearance rover, here are some of the other kits that will be available for you:

The Artemis Watch:

A space-themed wristwatch inspired by NASA’s upcoming Artemis space suit design. It’s timekeeping like you’ve never experienced before! (Early Bird = $49, Regular = $69)


A kit in tribute to the legendary space shuttle with 39 successful missions under its belt. (Early Bird = $19, Regular = $29 )


Celebrating the mission that gave us the most detailed and breathtaking images of Jupiter. (Early bird = $35, Regular = $49)

The Voyager:

A tribute to NASA’s longest-lasting mission, which has been beaming back data for an incredible 45 years and counting. (Early bird = $29, Regular = $39)

The Kickstarter Campaign.

The Perseverance Rover kit has made its debut on the renowned crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. You can explore it through this link. The pricing is as follows:

NameIncludesEarly Bird PriceRegular Price
Collection PackUltimate Perseverance Rover Kit, Artemis Watch,
Discovery, Voyager and Juno.
Ultimate Perseverance Rover KitThe Rover, Arm, Mission Control, Camera & Expansion modules.$199$249
Perseverance Rover KitThe Rover & Small Controller.$149 $199


The new educational STEM kit from CircuitMess and Geek Club presents an incredible opportunity for individuals keen on space exploration, coding, robotics, and engineering to both learn and enjoy the process. This well-crafted kit encompasses all the essentials required for constructing your very own operational model of the NASA Perseverance space rover.

The CircuitMess Perseverance Space Rover Kit not only imparts knowledge about the cutting-edge technologies applied in space exploration but also serves as a platform for self-education in coding, robotics, and engineering. It’s a remarkable means to embark on fresh, exhilarating projects and challenge yourself in innovative ways.

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