Top 5 Robotic Arms for STEM Education – 2023

Top 5 robotic arms 2023

Robotics plays a significant role in our daily lives. With various types of robots, today we’ll delve into the world of Robotic Arms, particularly those making a groundbreaking impact on STEM education. In this article, we’ll present a curated list of Robotic Arms explicitly designed for STEM learning. Let’s dive in and explore these educational wonders without delay!

1. LAFVIN Robot Arm

The LAFVIN Robot Arm kit is the perfect choice for beginners. With its enjoyable assembly process, this kit offers a 4DoF (Degree of Freedom) robotic arm. Not only is it beginner-friendly, but it’s also one of the most affordable options available. The LAFVIN robot arm provides various controlling methods, including Joystick control and control via a mobile app. The kit also comes with a CD with the required Software and tutorials to get you started. Explore the world of robotics and unleash your creativity with the LAFVIN Robot Arm kit!

LAFVIN Robotic Arm Kit
ModelLAFVIN Robot Arm
Degree of Freedom (DoF)4
Material TypeAcrylic
ControlWireless (Mobile & PS2 Controller), Programmable
End EffectorGripper
PricingCurrently $35.99 on Amazon

2. HiWonder LeArm

The Hiwonder LeArm is an Arduino-based programmable robotic arm with a robust all-metal design. Its sturdy construction ensures durability. Equipped with high-torque and high-temperature-resistant digital servos, this arm offers excellent performance. Control the arm wirelessly through a mobile phone app and effortlessly manipulate objects from various directions.

hiwonder leArm
ModelHiWonder LeArm
Degree of Freedom (DoF)6
Material TypeMetal
ControlWireless (Mobile & PS2 Controller), Programmable
End EffectorGripper
PricingCurrently $111 on Amazon

3. Yahboom Robot Arm

The Yahboom Robot Arm takes robotics to the next level with its integration of AI and ML with Jetson Nano. Designed as an easy-to-assemble kit, it is the ideal choice for college students and hobbyists looking to explore the fusion of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. This robotic arm comes equipped with a camera that enables it to recognize colours, specific gestures, and faces. It can respond to recognized gestures, track faces, and identify corresponding colours to grab designated objects. With the multi-function APP (available for Android/iOS), USB gamepad remote control, PC image transmission, ROS system 3D simulation model construction, and Jupyter Lab webpage online programming, this kit offers five interconnected control methods, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable robotic arm experience.

Yahboom dofbot robot arm
ModelYahBoom DOFBOT
Degree of Freedom (DoF)6
Material TypeMetal
ControlApp, RoS, SUB serial, Gamepad control
End EffectorGripper
Pricing$379.99 (Without Jetson Nano), $569.99 (With Jetson nano)

4. myCobot 280

The myCobot-Pi is a versatile and lightweight six-axis collaborative robot developed by Elephant Robotics. It is part of the “myCobot series” and features two variants with Raspberry Pi and M5Stack. Designed for artificial intelligence education, robotics research, and small entrepreneurs, it is a core robot within Elephant Robotics’ ecosystem.

Weighing just 850g with a payload capacity of 250g and a working range of 280mm, the myCobot-Pi is a compact yet powerful collaborative robot. It offers a wide range of software and hardware interaction methods and is equipped with diverse compatible expansion interfaces. As an open-source robotic arm, it supports multi-platform secondary development, enabling users to explore and implement various application scenarios effectively.

mycobot 280
ModelElephantRobotic’s myCobot
Degree of Freedom (DoF)6
Material TypeMetal and Fiber
ControlApp, RoS, SUB serial
End EffectorMultiple and Customizable
Pricing$688 (M5Stack) & $569.99 (Raspberry Pi)

5. Dexarm Maker

A versatile desktop arm for all your creative needs. This intelligent robotic arm excels at 3D printing, drawing, writing, and more. With a powerful 2.5W laser cutter and engraver, it’s a true multitasker. Experience precision and efficiency in bringing your creative ideas to life. Unleash your creativity with the DexArm Maker – one device, endless possibilities.

Effortlessly attach and change modules with a single click. No more dealing with screws and cables thanks to this intelligent product. Comes with accessories like the Safety Enclosure, Sliding Rail, and Mini Production Line.

Rotrics DexArm
ModelRotrics DexArm
Degree of Freedom (DoF)4
Material TypeMetal and Fiber
ControlRotrics Studio Software
End EffectorMultiple and Customizable

Final Note.

Here are our top 5 robotic arms for STEM Education. While there are numerous options available, these five stood out the most. We hope this article has been helpful in guiding your selection. If you’re interested in exploring similar topics, be sure to check out our article on “Top 5 Robotic Dogs“.

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