DOBOT Magician – Lightweight & Intelligent Robotic Arm

DOBOT magician robotic arm

DOBOT Magician is a lightweight and smart robotic arm for STEM education. It’s a 4 axis mini robotic arm for students and hobbyists to learn programming and robotics. In this article let’s see what DOBOT is and what it offers. So without any further ad, let’s get into it.

What is DOBOT?

dobot magician robotic arm

Dobot Magician is a multi-functional smart robotic arm platform designed for high end
STEAM education. It can do multiple tasks like 3D printing, laser engraving, writing & drawing. It has a graphical programming environment and multiple end effectors, with the capability to work with the Arduino platform. Dobot Magician is an ideal platform to learn about robotic arms, hardware development, coding and automation.

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DOBOT Magician Specification.

Below is a hardware overview of DOBOT Magician,

Device Specifications:

Number of Axis4
Max. Reach320mm
Position Repeatability(Control)0.2 mm
CommunicationUSB / WIFI / Bluetooth
Power Supply100V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power In12V / 6.5A DC
Consumption60W Max
Working Temperature-10°C to 60°C

Physical Specifications:

Net Weight3.4KG
Gross weight ( Standard Version)7.2KG
Gross weight ( Education Version)8.0KG
Base Dimension(Footprint)158mm × 158mm
MaterialsAluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
ControllerDobot Integrated Controller
Robot MountingDesktop
Packing Size (L × W × H)380mm x 385mm x 480mm
Carton Size for Standard Version (L × W × H)380mm x 385mm x 480mm
Carton Size for Education Version (L × W × H)380mm x 385mm x 480mm

What it does.

DOBOT magician comes with multiple end effectors which helps it perform different tasks. Below is a list of things it can do with these end effectors.

3D printing.

dobot magician 3d printer endeffector

DOBOT Magician is precise enough for 3D printing models with a close finishing, it is comparable with many other 3D printers on the market. With the help of its dual extruders, Dobot can also do dual colour 3D printing. It is also compatible with mainstream open-source 3D printing software like Repetier Host and Pronterface.

Writing & Drawing.

Dobot magician writing and drawing

Due to its high precision and stability, Dobot Magician can draw smooth lines. With the help of its software, custom images can be fed to Dobot with will then be converted to code and the arm will draw it on the paper. Similarly, custom text can also be set. It can be a great companion for artists.

Laser Engraving.

dobot magician laser engraver

Just replacing the pen with a laser end-effector, Dobot Magician can engrave not just lines, it can also sketch images with shades. Its powerful laser head is capable of engraving on harder materials like leather and wood. It’s a great tool for making artwork and making custom gifts.

Grapper and Suction endeffectors.

dobot magician gripper and suction

With grabber and sucker accessories, Dobot Magician can move small objects up to 500g. This can be used to make mini-factories for education or it can be used for small scale production.

Other Features of DOBOT Magician.

Along with all the above-mentioned features, Dobot also comes with many other amazing features like Teach & playback, multi-dobot cooperation, and easy visual programming.

Teach & Playback.

dobot magician teach and play

A list of movements can be built for Dobot Magician to execute. Dobot Magician memorises movements by simply clicking the button and dragging the arm to perform the task. The recorded moment is then playback in a loop. You can also customize its movements by more accurately setting parameters on its PC
software, where the playback list can be manually edited.

Drag and Drop Programming interface.

This robotic arm used a very simple graphical programming interface called Dobot Blockly.
It is based on Google’s open-source platform Google Blockly which lets users write code in a simple and interactive manner.

dobot blockly graphical programming

Just by dragging and dropping the blocks, you can create some amazing projects.

Multi-Dobot Cooperation.

dobot cooperation

Through a WiFi connection or connecting both machines to an external board, multiple Dobot Magicians can be controlled all at once. With multiple arms working together, a mini factory can be set to fasten up production in a small business.

Final Verdict.

DOBOT Magician is a great learning tool for both students and hobbyists. With its easy to use interface, smooth functioning, and compact design, this robotic arm is the perfect combination for education with fun.
For more information about Magician and another lineup of robotic arms, visit their official page.

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