Top 10 tools for makers – 2021

top 10 tools for makers 2021

I faced many problems as I started my journey to be a maker. Not having proper tools is the biggest holdback. So in this article, I have listed the top 10 must-have tools for makers. So without any further ado, Let’s begin.

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1. Screwdriver Set.

This is a tool we all need. Having a screwdriver set around is a must for every maker. This particular one has everything that you will need. So you get 45 different heads that will serve most of your needs. It comes in a neat package with everything labelled properly. Buy one from (Amazon US / Amazon EU / Amazon IN / Banggood)

2. Multimeter.

A multimeter is one of the most useful tools. When making circuits one must always check if the components are in good condition, if the components are of the right value, and are in the correct orientation. A multimeter helps with these tasks. Using one can save you hours of troubleshooting and save the life of many components.

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3. Breadboard kit.

A breadboard is an essential tool for prototyping. Almost every project needs to be tested before building the final product. A breadboard helps you test your circuits before soldering them on a PCB. The kit I shared here has everything you will need to prototype your circuits. Along with the Breadboard, it also has multiple jumper wires and a power supply module with both 5V and 3.3V options.

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4. Soldering Kit.

A good soldering kit is a must-have for all makers. At some point in time, you will need to make the breadboard prototype into a more sturdy circuit. I have been using this kit for some time now and it has never given a reason to complain so far. Although there are a lot of professional soldering stations out there, This one is best for beginners as it is cheap, the iron has adjustable temperature and you get a lot of tools that come in handy. However, I recommend moving to a more professional station once you get hold of soldering.

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5. Helping Hands or Third Hand.

You never realize it’s needed until you start soldering. Helping hands hold the PCB and components in place while you solder them. The magnifying glass helps you see better when soldering and inspecting PCBs. I have been using this for over 3 years now and it helped me a lot. You might wanna add some heat shrink tubing on those clips as they can be harsh on soft components.

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6. Wire Strippers.

wire strippers

Another tool that comes to the rescue while making circuits is a wire stripper/cutter. When you know you are going to be working with electronics you either get this or better have strong teeth. Spending a few bucks on a wire stripper makes life so much easier.

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7. Pliers.


Pliers always come in handy. Many times you have to get in tight spaces to hold nuts or bend the leads of components. Trust me you will use this thing a lot.

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8.  Vernier Caliper.

When you are designing something like a chassis for a robot or an enclosure for the project, measurements are very essential. Especially when you want precise measurements to 3D print something for your project. Vernier Caliper is a very useful tool. Apart from the length it also helps measure the inner diameters and depth.

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9. Hot Glue Gun.

hot glue gun

Sometimes you just want to skip all the drilling and screwing and go the easy way. Hot glue comes in handy when you are prototyping a project and want to get quick with it. It has saved many of my builds at the last moment. Plus all the cool art stuff you can do with it is shown on those YouTube videos ;p

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10. Bench Power Supply.

Many people skip this essential tool. It is one of the most important instruments you will need in your lab. While prototyping and testing components you might need anywhere from 3.3V or 15V (Most of my projects stay in this range). It is always handy to have a stable variable power supply to power projects as it is more efficient than having a bunch of batteries.

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Final Note.

So these are the tools I use personally and they have helped me a lot. Hope this article helps you in setting up your lab. Let us know what tools you use the most. Also, check out the Top 5 microcontroller development boards of 2021.

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Stay safe and stay creative.

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