Doly – AI Powered Smart Companion Robot

Doly AI powered robot

Within just two days of launching its Kickstarter campaign, Limitbit’s revolutionary AI-powered companion robot, Doly, has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts around the world. With a remarkable $105,545 raised from over 300 backers, Doly is swiftly establishing itself as a leading figure in the realm of desktop robots.

What is Doly?

Doly robot

Doly, an autonomous AI-powered companion, actively blends robotics, AI, and coding education into one dynamic package. It stands out as the first device of its kind to embrace both an open hardware and open design philosophy. This proactive approach not only facilitates extensive customization but also ensures Doly’s capabilities continue to evolve.

According to Levent Erenler, the founder of Limitbit, The robot companion embodies a fusion of companionship, education, and technological innovation. He stresses, “Doly is uniquely engineered to expand and adapt, delivering an interactive and educational experience for users of all ages and skill levels. Our commitment to an open-source approach propels Doly to the forefront of personal robotic technology.”


Powered by the Raspberry Pi CM4 module, Doly comes with an 8MP Sony IMX219 wide-angle camera, 2 servo motors and 2 metal gear DC motors with high-resolution optical encoders. Refer to the following table for more information.

Doly robot specifications


Doly robot features

1. Self-acting Personality: Doly’s unique character evolves through interaction, providing a genuinely personalized experience.

2. Edge AI Processing: Maximizing privacy, Doly processes its AI algorithms locally, ensuring that user data remains secure and private.

3. Skill Development: Diverse and engaging, Doly serves as an ideal tool for learning coding and robotics, catering to novices and experts alike.

4. Open-Source Platform: Encouraging innovation, Doly’s open hardware and design empower users to contribute to its development, fostering a community of tech enthusiasts.

5. Extensive Add-On Support: With its various I/O ports, Doly offers numerous expansion and customization possibilities. Making it an ideal feature for developers and hobbyists.

6. 3D Printable Design: Highlighting its adaptability, Doly can undergo customization with 3D printed parts, enabling personalized aesthetics and functionalities.

Doly is crafted to cater to a diverse audience, like, families, educators, software and hardware developers, and open-source fans. Moreover, it positions itself as the quintessential educational and interactive robot companion, offering something for everyone interested in exploring robotics and AI.

About Limitbit.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Limitbit stands at the forefront of revolutionizing AI-powered companion robots. Their mission is to merge state-of-the-art technology with practical educational applications, thereby making sophisticated robotics accessible to a wider audience.

Doly is now on Kickstarter!

Declaimer: Keep in mind that crowdfunding a project does not guarantee you will receive the product. Instead, it’s more akin to an investment than a purchase.

Launched on Kickstarter on 13th February 2024, Doly reached its goal of about $6000 in just 3 minutes!
You can claim early bird offers now for just $269 here.

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