ShaRPiKeebo – Mini Linux computer

ShaRPiKeebo mini computer

ShaRPiKeebo is probably the smallest handheld Linux computer in the world with a qwerty keyboard. Powered by a Raspberry Pi (RPi) Zero 2W it features a monochrome display along with a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard.

Recently launched on the crowdfunding website Crowdsupply, let’s see what ShaRPiKeebo has to offer.

A Linux Computer in the Palm of Your Hand!

Technically a smartphone is a computer in the palm of your hands but it doesn’t really do what a real Linux computer can. And it isn’t nerdy enough for us ;p

Who hasn’t dreamed of a computer the size of a calculator they could use to play games or carry out system-administration tasks when they’re on the go?  Who doesn’t want a way to keep busy or stay entertained on a bus or a train or a subway? (A way that does not require balancing expensive hardware on their lap while repeatedly elbowing their neighbours…) Who wouldn’t enjoy leaving their bag or backpack at home more often? Scenarios like this speak to us, here at Morpheans, so we decided to make them a reality.”

with the ShaRPiKeebo nanocomputer

Technical Specifications of ShaRPiKeebo.

Here is a list of things this mini-computer has to offer.

Next to playing cards for scale
Display2.7″, 400p x 240p, low-latency, energy-efficient LS027B7DH01 SHARP Memory Display
ProcessorRaspberry Pi Zero W/W2
NetworkLong-range, 433-MHz radio transceiver (currently RFM95; working on an upgrade to CE-marked RakWireless chip)
PortsUART and I²C are available through GPIO for external 3.3 V modules (GPS, a 4G or 5G modem, etc.)
PowerOn-board battery-management and charging module, USB Type-C, A JST connector for a LiPo battery
Interface QMK-compatible USB QWERTY keyboard with 56 keys, Two four-button D-pads for gaming, Five buttons, controllable via (up/down) GPIO voltage detection, Four independently controlled LEDs
Dimensions 66 x 115 x 20 CM

Features and Usecase

Thanks to its Raspberry Pi, ShaRPiKeebo is fully compatible with all major programming languages and command-line Linux tools. That means you can take advantage of (and contribute to!) the work of a huge community of developers from all over the world. The RPi open-source ecosystem gives the user a vast sea of libraries to use in projects.

ShaRPiKeebo root

Here is a list of things you can do with ShaRPiKeebo:

  • Play games
  • Connect to a server over SSH
  • Launch a local or remote Python script
  • Audit the security of nearby Wi-Fi networks using the many diagnostic tools available in Linux
  • Host your cryptocurrency wallet or roll with a portable BTC Lightning payment node
  • Protect the above with a hardware security key
  • Plug a storage device into the USB port and log tons of data
  • Chat with another ShaRPiKeebo user (up to a kilometre away without using a cellular network!)

Where to get one from?

ShaRPiKeebo is a great tool for makers, hackers and enthusiasts alike but where to find one?
Currently, up for crowdfunding with a goal of $45,000, 50% of which is already completed. You can get your own ShaRPiKeebo handheld Linux computer by pledging $150 to the campaign.

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